Breeds of small species useful for man

is a non-profit making international organization devoted to identification, processing and diffusion of information and data concerning animal species related to mini livestock and their products.

New ! :
BEDIM is organising a Prize : deadline 30 June 2011.
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Generalities on minilivestock
and general principles

  • Small size
  • Local use well known
  • Direct or indirect use by mankind
  • Main uses:
    - food for people
    - feed for animals
    - incomes through sale
      as non-food items
  • Sustainable use of renewable natural resources
  • Substitution of gathering, hunting and poaching by controlled production techniques

Communicate !

For the benefit of everyone, send us by e-mail ( information's on minilivestock (photographs with legends, development projects, interesting news, your tricks in minilivestock, your scientific research, your proposal of training, your comments, etc.)

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Groups of animals
- Rodents
- Guinea pigs
- Frogs
- Other groups of vertebrates
- Insects
- Manure worms
- Snails
- Others